Setting a new standard in conservation.

Efficient mobility. Sustainable technology.


In architecture, in engineering, in everyday life, there is a global movement towards sustainability. At Schindler, we take our environmental impact seriously. Schindler 3300 is the result of both our technological and environmental efforts, resulting in more eco-friendly features than one might have thought possible, making it up to 60% more efficient than hydraulic elevators.


  • Gearless machine designed to save energy and avoid power loss
  • Stable start uses energy more efficiently
  • Frequency converter with standby power mode allows elevator to return safely to nearest floor in the event of a building power outage
  • Compact, lightweight and durable design cuts down on maintenance expenses.


  • Automatically switches cab lights and fan to standby mode to save energy
  • Car panel and floor indicators all operate with low-power LED lights
  • Multi-bus control architecture reduces cabling, material and waste
  • Smart controls provide more efficient passenger transportation.

Cab and hoistway

  • Cab lighting equipped with energy-efficient lamps
  • Central guiding system reduces friction and overall energy consumption
  • Door drive with standby mode uses less electricity
  • Overall design provides more usable space for enhanced passenger comfort.