Keeping it all running smoothly.

Noticeably quiet. Beautifully fluid. Energy efficient.

The most comfortable ride experience - floor by floor, stop by stop.
The features of Schindler 3300 are designed to meet the needs of architects, general contractors and passengers – individually and collectively – while consuming less energy and generating less noise.

Schindler’s exclusive engineering provides smooth, quiet operation for the most comfortable ride experience – floor by floor, stop by stop – enabling the elevator to glide peacefully through your building virtually unnoticed. Schindler 3300 requires a small hoist machine and inverter which saves more space compared to previous drive systems. It is installed directly in the overhead and does not require a separate machine room or control closet.

Suspension Traction Media (STM), which consists of metal cables sheathed in a non-circular EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) jacket, are flexible and require a much smaller traction sheave diameter than steel cables, resulting in a much smaller motor. Economical in its use of energy and space.